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New brothers and sisters!

New brothers and sisters!
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Thank you for your prayers!
Derek recently sent an update about the final 2 days of the Bible teaching. Here is what he wrote:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks for your prayers concerning the Bible lessons that were taught over the past 2 months here in Dao. My co-worker Scott, initially taught these same lessons for the first time back in 2007, and the Lord saved several of the Dao people at that time. Since then, these lessons and others have been taught several times in 4 different places around Dao. Two of the original believers are named Yoni and Kogepiyaa. Both of these men had taught these lessons before and I was glad that they were there to help me teach them once again. I'm so proud of them and am honoured and privileged to know and serve our Lord along side such men. They sacrificed much to faithfully stay, study and teach over these past 2 months. After each lesson, we tried to ask the listeners questions to determine how well the people were understanding. For awhile, Yoni would sleep in a new hut, rotating between the 4 huts around here, every night just to sit with, ask questions and explain things to the people.

During the teaching allot of people came and went, but 9 people stayed for the duration. Their names are Ikage, his wife Atadepi, their sons Yagekaa and Nedi (along with their two other very young children), Bokoisibo, Kogiyai, Maipiya Maatuku and Amiyoo.

Before we started teaching the lessons it was pretty clear that Maatuku was already a young believer. For Bokoisibo, Maipiya and Amiyoo it was unclear whether they were believers or not. For the others ones who's names are written above, they showed none or little sign of understanding what their Saviour had done for them.

After teaching about the crucifixion and burial of Christ on Thursday, all of them (with the exception of Nedi who is quite young) acknowledged that Jesus was the sent one and son of God. They also confessed that they were sinners and that there was nothing they could do to wash their sin away. Each one expressed that they trusted that Jesus died to completely wash away their sin. Many of the other believers around where we live joined to listen and contribute during the last days of the lessons. They too with joy confirmed that Jesus was their Saviour. A few of the older folks showed up for the final days as well. They too acknowledged that Jesus died for sins, but failed to acknowledge that they themselves were sinners or ever had been. A huge argument broke out and some of the believers here, quite forcibly tried to communicate, "Yes you are a sinner!" It was hard to hear my good friend Paatoma filled with emotion, that materialized as anger, trying to convince his mom of her sin while she said over and over again, "I want to understand, but I just don't."

The next day we taught the last lesson about the resurrection and ascension of Christ. After the lesson, Kogepiyaa, Yoni and I encouraged the believers to pray to God their Father and thank Him for what He did for them. One by one they prayed beautiful prayers of praise and thanksgiving to their Lord. I can only imagine how pleased He was hearing his children offer up praises and thanksgiving to HIm. After we prayed we sang a song which expressed that we are one with Jesus. After singing, Ikage got up and snapped my knuckle and pretty soon everyone was on their feet snapping knuckles and saying, "Thank-you Jesus!"

I praise the Lord that by His power, He reached down once again and saved unworthy people. I'm thankful for the continued work of our Lord who began saving people here in Dao over 5 years ago and has not stopped adding people to His kingdom.

Thank you for your prayers for the Dao people,
Derek and Sarah Grant, Silas and Kali

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