Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Originally uploaded by Derek & Sarah Grant.

It is with much sadness we said goodbye to our friend Obapui, for the last time. He was the Dao "grandpa" around here. Every time we would bring the kids down to see him, he would say, "Oh thank you! thank you! Thank you for bringing my grandkids to visit!" He called our kids "nimai" which means "my grandchild."

We have deeper sadness concerning his death because we do not know if he truly placed his trust in Jesus for his salvation. He seemed confused about it, and did not give a clear testimony. We only hope that he did finally come to a clear understanding of his standing as a sinner before a holy God and trusted Jesus to save him. We hope that we will see him once again, and get to spend eternity with him in heaven. Only God knows now.

We loved this sweet man and will miss him greatly.

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