Saturday, December 29, 2012

Little Miracle

Little Miracle
Originally uploaded by Derek & Sarah Grant.

Yune is starting to look a bit better. She was sitting up eating a namo (taro) this morning. Thank you so much for your prayers! We are certain that she would have died if God hadn't spared her life! She was just about dead, and our all-powerful God reached down and performed a miracle. This little one has so much potential, and we continue to pray for complete strength for her and for her life to glorify Him. He's got plans, a hope and a future for this little girl. Yune isn't the only little one who's life has been spared here in Dao. Typically, the Dao people don't name their children until they are 2 years old because they are afraid they will die. Some of the believers have begun naming their children earlier now, Yune being one of them.

Thank you for interceding on her behalf!
Derek, Sarah, Silas and Kali

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