Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In Canada awaiting the birth of baby #3!

We arrived back in Canada in March and have settled in our temporary home for the year. 

Sarah has been to see a midwife and received the many test results she had done upon returning. It is confirmed she has gestational diabetes once again, as-well as low iron (not unusual for her as-well). Since she is well acquainted with a diabetic diet this is an easy thing for her to control, but is seeing a diabetes consultant during the pregnancy as-well. We were able to see our baby on ultrasound, and all is looking great!

The kids are enjoying being so close to grandpa and grandma and are adjusting well to life in Canada.

Derek has been speaking at various churches and is working on getting into his role as a missions representative this year. Please Pray for him as he seeks opportunities to share the Lord with others.

Photo: Our first couple days back, Silas got all bundled up (It's cold here!) and enjoyed riding Papa's Berg Buddy car

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